SPP207 Why Readers Buy the Books They Buy

Self Publishing Podcast

This is a little different than just writing to market; understanding why readers buy the books they buy digs deeper into strategy. Today, the guys talk about that underlying thought process readers go through, how to find out why, and the hidden benefit from doing it.

  • Something cool: Sean watched Spotlight, and Dave is interested in it because it’s gross; Dave is saving his for the other show but gives a tease about it; Johnny rediscovered an album by a guy you haven’t heard from, and it’s country music.
  • The most awkward transition to a 99Designs ad you’ve ever heard. There’s a reason Sean doesn’t do these.
  • The guys do get to the topic, eventually, after plenty of uncomfortable ware-bear porn jokes.
  • Do you understand why people like what they like? You can write to market without a clue of why it works, and you’ll never connect with readers in the same way.
  • Sean shares a story of a friend who tried to write to the romance market, but realized early on that it wasn’t in touch with the readers, so she scrapped the whole thing. He explains why.
  • The guys explain the different reasons readers read, from wanting the same story over and over, to thrillers that pull them away from work, and romance readers who want certain buttons pushed.
  • Dave uses a very popular show as an example of understanding why your audience like what you do. His cynicism comes out…
  • Sean shares an insightful look at how writing for your audience is better than writing for the market.
  • There’s a very simple way to find out why your readers read what they do, and a hidden benefit from that simple action.

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