SPP208 Writing to Market with Chris Fox

Self Publishing Podcast

Today’s guest is Chris Fox, multi-published author, and he discusses writing to market. This isn’t writing crap for a successful market, but providing what readers are passionate about in a market you love.

  • Johnny talks about his coming move and the guys compare internet bandwidth sizes.
  • Something cool: Dave’s happy about Karma Police; Sean’s something cool is the Smarter Artist stuff coming down soon
  • Sean says pick up Chris’s book, Write to Market and read it, then buy the audio book and listen to it. It’s that’s good.
  • You can’t just pick a market and write in it; but as an indie, you have a lot more flexibility.
  • Chris shares the way he looks at stats to decide what to write next, ‘trend-watching.’
  • Understanding fads and book longevity.
  • Johnny questions the viability of chasing trends that are too niche
  • Sean pitches a sci-fi solution to market noise and also-bots.
  • Chris gives some extra hacks around reader psychology and why people read what they read.
  • Dave gripes about the books that suck but still do well, and Chris gives his encouragement for writers.
  • There are unwritten rules when crossing genres, like it’s okay to have some Western in your Fantasy, but not so much to have Fantasy in your Western.
  • Johnny and Chris discuss loving the genre before you write in it; you should have a lot of fun writing.
  • Chris talks the pros and cons of pre-orders on Amazon and shares his experience.
  • Sean talks about what ‘boxes to tick’ when writing to market – not just your intended audience but also for you as a creator.
  • Chris talks about the huge mistake he made by publishing an extra chapter just before it went live without sending it to an editor first.
  • They guys talk about some Scrivener issues YOU need to be aware of if you’re collaborating.



  1. Very cool to hear such an enthusiastic recommendation for Chris’s books. I am definitely going to check them out now that I’m getting ready to plan my next writing project. I have his app, and it is wonderful.

    I think subconsciously I’ve always tried to write to market, but only recently did I take the tip that you need to write something that you’re passionate about as far as genre is concerned. That’s what led me to fantasy – I love to read epic fantasy and sometimes can’t get enough. So, I decided to try my hand. Personally I’m pleased with how it’s come out, but the audience still remains to be seen. (Haven’t put the book through betas for a final pass yet.)

    Thanks for asking all the awesome questions, Sean, Johnny, and Dave! I actually got a lot out last time when Dave discussed TWD. When something is done just for the money, as an audience you truly can feel it. There’s no avoiding it, unless you are blissfully unaware on purpose.

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