SPP211 The Future of Smarter Artist

Self Publishing Podcast

What is the Smarter Artist? Yes, it’s one of the podcasts within the S&S FM Network, but it’s much more than that. Today, the guys explain their new direction with the Smarter Artist and what it means for the Sterling and Stone community. Great things are in store!

  • Something cool: Johnny saves his old desk; Sean’s is Christine; Dave has an elbow injury from a sit-down podcast.
  • The guys introduce Sterling and Stone’s FIRST full-time employee, Christine Niles, who is finally whipping things into shape.
  • The guys made Christine cry several times when they first met in person.
  • Sean talks about the first project planned for Smarter Artist; it’s a book unlike what the guys have done before.
  • Christine introduces the next big change, a shit-the-bed type of thing where she’s coming and cleaning up the guys’ website mess.
  • They discuss the new product the guys are taking a year to create, that was spurred by the community’s needs.
  • StoryShop is in beta!
  • Christine is awesome and needs a cape because she’s a superhero!
  • They guys talk more about the Story Seller’s BootCamp, and how it’s TOTALLY not behind any sort of paywall. Totally free: www.sterlingandstone.net/bootcamp
  • Sean and Johnny talk about the major reasons they’re not calling the bootcamp a course, but what’s in the future for an actual course.


  1. Where’s the video for this? I want to see Johnny’s setup! 211 on youtube is actually 210, and 211 is missing.

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