SPP214 Making the Most with What You Have

Self Publishing Podcast

When it comes to lean business, bootstrapping, and agile startup, you’ve got to make the best you can with what you have.

  • Something cool: Johnny is watching Master of None; Sean’s reading Dad Is Fat, Food: A Love Story, and Bedwetter; Dave’s watching the NBA Playoffs.
  • Building a virtual team versus centralizing and organization
  • Sean explains how today’s topic is different from iterating and optimizing
  • StoryShop is a great example of a lean and agile startup and the minimum viable product, and Sean explains the thought process behind it
  • Big visions are great, but you can’t leap to the end result
  • Sean talks about how waiting for StoryShop’s delay shouldn’t delay your writing, and why
  • Dave shares his own experience with the Ira Glass ‘talent’ mentality
  • Johnny re-iterates the difference between minimum product and minimum viable product
  • Sean explains how you have more creative freedom when you’re bootstrapping
  • Focusing on what you do have versus focusing on what you DON’T have
  • How honest do you need to be with yourself when it comes to what phase your business is in?
  • Johnny discusses the actual tools a business needs to grow and related costs.
  • The MailChimp and AWeber problem and business budget


  1. Just want you guys to know that this podcast and Write, Publish, Repeat encourage me to get up off my starry-eyed “maybe someday” ass and get moving every day to write and to work my plan.

    Years ago – Johnny set up my webpage. I put some content up for my peeps (a very specific niche – parents of teens with disabilities who are thinking maybe it’s a good idea to plan for what happens when the school bus stops coming).

    I haven’t published anything on the site for two years – but people (quite a lot of people – considering the little niche) – still come and read the stuff that’s up.

    Meanwhile – I’ve been getting my own life in order while working a salary job. Now – I’m developing a plan – and YOU guys are helping me 1.) see that it is possible 2.) see that it is hard 3.) discern what hard stuff to do next to get me where I want to go and 4.) ENJOY the ride!

    I will NOT spend hours writing stuff that I think will please everybody anymore. I will not squeeze the blooming life out of my voice and my thinking. (I will write first, edit later). I will learn and grow and write and serve and live with joy.

    Hey, Thanks!

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