SPP217 Establishing Sustainable Business Practices

Self Publishing Podcast

Today, the guys discuss sustainable business practices, which is essential for small businesses (that means YOU, authors). Sean is live from the Acropolis, Dave’s in a wind tunnel, and Johnny is, well, intense in his office.

  • Sean builds a blanket tent to fix his echo
  • Something cool: Sean is jazzed about BootCamp and Apprentice; Johnny loves ‘Book from the Sky’ at the art museum; Dave loves the show Preacher on AMC.
  • Sean explains what sustainable business practice means, and the crazy story of one author who wrote a 45,000-word book in a single day.
  • Johnny discusses what word counts are sustainable for him, and how comparing yourself to other authors just doesn’t make sense.
  • Sean talks about setting deadlines and how you need to be careful of not burning yourself out.
  • You can draw a parallel between healthy lifestyle and sustainable business; the long game matters more.
  • Johnny talks about how to schedule breaks and listen to your body’s fatigue symptoms.
  • Sean explains what leads to burn out, writer’s block, and other things that keep you from being productive as an artist.
  • Johnny talks about the social media failure versus the podcast network success, and how sustainability plays into it.
  • Sustainability also plays into creating a new pen name. It’s not just new books your writing; it’s a whole other audience and the marketing and promotion to support it.
  • Johnny talks about how money affects your decisions, and opportunity cost.
  • The guys discuss outsourcing tasks, balancing it with where your time is most valuable, and making sure it’s financially sustainable.

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