Sterling & Stone Digest #4

I-Got-StrongerBehind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to make this site better and better each and every week.

You’ll probably notice some of the little design changes here and there, as well as a definite bump in content quality.

We’re really getting on top of things, and I think this week may have been one of our best (and smoothest) yet! Here’s to progress!

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #10

I sunk at least an hour I didn’t have in the link Sean shared in last week’s Almanac. It really is valuable stuff, and if you’ve read the whole article series and didn’t walk away with stuff to apply, you simply didn’t try hard enough.

And the best part is the invitation at the end. Any Starters with questions could click the Japkin widget on that post and either leave a voice message or a video, asking Sean anything about self publishing or writing. Eager to hear Sean’s answers? Me too. That will be in this week’s Almanac, on the blog later today.If you’re not a Sterling & Stone Starter, what are you waiting for? You get 15+ free titles to read, access to the Member’s Library, and access to cool stuff like the weekly Authorpreneur’s Almanac. Become a Starter by clicking here and signing up. It’s quick, easy, and (my favorite part) completely FREE!

Beats 2.0

A driving force we all share at Sterling & Stone is this constant desire to continuously improve. Johnny calls it “iterative growth” in this post. The way Sean makes beats, and the way Johnny takes those beats and uses them to craft an amazing story, continues to change and improve by the project.

I might have a unique vantage point from within the Mother Stone to see some things, but when it comes to the exact writing process of those two, I sometimes feel just as on the outside as everyone else. It feels great to get a glimpse into how Sean and Johnny create. There are so many lessons here for writers!

Authorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #3: Cost of Self-Publishing

How much does it cost to self-publish a book? Garrett attempts to answer that question giving you options that range from near-free-DIY to throwing thousands of dollars at your book. Most of us will be looking for something in the middle.

I have to admit, I’m still waiting for the “juicy stuff” of this course. But Garrett is playing it smart in that he’s formatting the video series as an actual course, something that could be packaged and viewed all at once later, giving you a virtual degree in self publishing. Right now, I feel like the kid that comes home from kindergarten the first day all depressed because he didn’t learn how to read yet.

Patience, padiwan. Patience.

Yesterday’s Gone: Season Five Sneak Peek and Where to Get it Now

For all you Gonners out there, you’re probably chomping at the proverbial bit to dig into Season Five. And if you’re a Platinum Reader, your wait is over! You can get YG S5 in your Member’s Library now, or you can buy the full season on the site.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the 15th of the month to get the individual episodes on Amazon.

This is Who I Am

I’m not going to lie; this post made me cry. And at the end I gave it a standing applause (ask my wife, who already thinks I’m crazy). Lexi is now one of my favorite people, and she deserves to be one of yours, too.

Read this post without caring. I dare you. And don’t blame me when you’re clapping like an idiot at the end like I was. In this post, Lexi tells us who she is and what’s been going on in her life. And she ends with a promise I’m sure plenty of readers can’t wait to see her keep.

ForNevermore Part 11

Lest week, I spent an ungodly amount of time giving all our serial fiction a formatting makeover, which we see in full blossom for the first time this week. We know the story is awesome. We just wanted it to look awesome, too.

In this week’s chapter, Noella has a very special kind of nightmare.


Introducing Filthy Fairy Tales

FFT-Cover-UpdateCan’t get enough Lexi? You’ll want to check out Filthy Fairy Tales. This post gives you a breakdown of the … saucy stories in that collection.

Plus, if you love the stories, give it a bunch of love and support. Lexi promises more in the future if they’re well received.

Robot Proletariat Part 4

This is equal parts funny and profound, a mix I’m constantly pleasantly surprised by each week. Are you? This week: Cromwell and Mars foresee doom at a dinner party.

The Slutty Little Mermaid: Excerpt

If you’re hoping for something really juicy, you’ll have to go out and buy the full book, because Lexi only leaves you begging for more in this excerpt. Meet Bianca, the slutty little mermaid who’s very curious about sex! You’ll get a taste of Lexi’s funny and playful writing style here. Well worth the read.

Space Shuttle Part 6

There is a very good reason why I put “THE LAUGHS CONTINUE NEXT WEEK!” at the bottom of each chapter of this series. If you’re a normal human being, you can’t read Space Shuttle without enjoying yourself.

I personally laugh out loud very few times in life, but each weekly installment of this story brings it out of me at least once. The rest of the time, I just read while wearing a big, goofy grin.

Warning, this story is likely to make you burn calories and drive up your metabolism, leaving you with an aching side and a serious case of the munchies. In this week’s episode, Sloan thinks the Xenomorph is out of their hair for good, but … well, that’s not exactly what happens!

Indie Fiction Podcast

With all this fun, we can’t forget to mention the other major story you should be following, the Indie Fiction Podcast, which is published every single day. Threshold is amazing, and this week things really started to heat up!

Scott gets a middle-of-the-night scare. Hudson get’s into a fight with his dad. Hazel crosses the threshold, and Hudson follows. Scott confronts Carter. Hazel and Hudson talk to their mother. Carter explains things to Scott, and the week ends with the promise of a whole lot of action!

Next Week

In addition to continuing all the regular series we have each week, we’ll have some more Lexi content for you in the days to come. If you’re loving Lexi, then you should be ecstatic. If you’re not into her stuff so much, then be happy we’ll be talking more about Yesterday’s Gone next week, too, as well as in the weeks to follow!

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