Sterling & Stone Digest #5

cover-YG-Season-FIVE-aI think this week’s hotword for the blog should be PIXAR, but I’d love that to be every week’s hotword, both because it’s a cool-sounding word and because it’s an amazing company. But as we look at all our amazing blog posts this week check out how amazing a creative community Sterling and Stone is becoming, just try and convince me that S&S isn’t becoming the Pixar (or HBO) of self publishing!

Authorpreneur’s Almanac #11

Just like Sean promised last week, we got answers to some questions that were left by fans and readers. Even though there were only a couple of questions asked, it was cool to see Sean answer them (along with offering text only questions for next time), and I’m personally hoping that we’ll have even more questions to answer during the next Q&A!

Athorpreneur Nuts & Bolts #4: How to Use Scrivener (The Basics)

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting so long for this to finally get to the nitty-gritty. After three weeks of intros and basic foundation information, Garrett starts giving us what we want most by showing us how to set up a Scrivener project for a novel. I’m already learning things I didn’t know, so I can’t wait for the weeks to come! If you’re an indie author, you should absolutely be watching this each week!

Yesterday’s Gone Season 5: Author’s Note

If you haven’t yet read Season 5 of Yesterday’s Gone, you might want to skip this author’s note for later. There are spoilers.

But, if you do read this note, you’ll see the special connection David and Sean have with their characters. Some readers have criticized certain characters, complaining about the way they’re portrayed or the way they’ve changed in later seasons. But Dave stands by his characters defending them (and what they’ve become) while also admitting that the YG characters aren’t perfect, just like none of us is perfect.

ForNevermore Part 12

ForNevermore just gets more and more interesting each week. I can’t wait until next spring when we’ll have new episodes and hundreds of readers drinking this in!

Of course, if you know someone that would enjoy this story, please send them our way. Twelve parts isn’t too much to catch up on, and the story’s just heating up!

This week, Noella has a chat with Doctor Foster, who is starting to suspect she’s not telling the truth about what’s going on in her life.

Building Our World at the 2014 Story World Summit

Want more info on what happened in Austin with the Worldbuilders Summit? Want to know what to expect in the months to come from the world of The Dream Engine? You’ll get all of that, plus all kind of more fun in this post from Johnny.

15274115575_3000b7a006_zMaintaining Integrity of a Series (SPP 128)

This week’s SPP was interesting, for sure. How do you continue a series, keeping things awesome for the reader without jumping the shark? How do you deal with the pressure of continuing to please fans? Sean and Dave recently had to deal with those very questions. This episode is them explaining how they did it. Great stuff!

The Engine World Commandments (For Writers in the Dream Engine‘s Open-Source Fiction World)

Excited to write in the “Engine World”? Open-Source Fiction is the way of the future, so why not board the train early? This post outlines all the basic “rules” of the world, which you’ll want to follow to keep your stories as close to cannon as you can get.

Read carefully; every work in this post is gold for all future Engine World writers!

Robot Proletariat Part 5

Uh-oh, trouble’s brewing in this week’s chapter! Spencer has it out with everyone about Barney’s incompetence. Will Spencer get his way? Is Barney done for? Only time will tell!

7 Things You Need to Know About Fiction Unboxed 1.5

A lot of people have been asking questions about Fiction Unboxed 1.5. Some (really awesome) people even already bought 1.5, not really knowing what it was or when it started. Talk about a leap of faith; right on!

If you loved FU1, which Sean and Johnny did this summer, or if you were interested but haven’t jumped in yet, this post will explain what you can do to catch up and/or enjoy watching Sean and Johnny write the sequel to The Dream Engine this November. So exciting!

Better Off Undead #102 – Dave Rides the Piss Wheel

This week, Dave rants about a recent trip to Chuck e Cheese, and Johny and Sean mess with him until he’s had enough. Will the show continue next week???? Listen to find out!

Space Shuttle Part 7

No joke—Space Shuttle has literally become on of the highlights of my week. Every chapter is guaranteed to be equal parts funny and ridiculous, and there are moments each week that I wish I could remember and treasure forever. My favorite line this week: “His longest relationship back on Earth had been with a toothbrush.” Hilarious.

Indie Fiction Podcast

Omigod, omigod, omigod! This week’s IFP was SO good! We finally get the climactic end of Threshold, and everything about the story is so amazing. I know something is good when I finish it and immediately wish I had time to listen to it again. That’s exactly how I felt.

card-indie-fiction-bWhen you hear the last chapter, which airs today, actually, do you wish we could have more? I did. The world that was built for this was intriguing, for sure.

In this week’s parts: Hudson uncovers a horrible ruse. Scott and Alastair confront an alien. Hudson makes a decision and faces danger. Alistair falls victim to a trick. In a dramatic flashback, we see the true history of what happened at the fountain. Alistair decides to end the confrontation. Scott and Holly finally reconnect. Alistair finally finds happiness.

Next Week

Okay, this week, we kind of took some time off from Lexi. I think it was to give Yesterday’s Gone some breathing room. But that will start up again next week. Lexi is re-releasing some great stuff, a book at a time. What’s coming out next week? You’ll have to stick around to find out!


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