Sterling and Stone Digest: The End!

This is the last Digest we’ll have on the blog. It’s finally going where it really needs to go. And email Sean sent out last week to the Repeaters really sums it up, so we’re throwing in that same message here:

Hey there Repeater!

Earlier this year we finally launched our umbrella site, Sterling & Stone. 

This took us forever to do, and it’s still not really done right. 

That’s okay, we’re doing things that haven’t been done and that won’t be done well overnight. This year’s word has been “iterative,” we say it over and over, all the time. We need to make sure that each day is better than the day before, and carry that ethos into our weeks, months and years. 

Our goals with Stering & Stone are not small. We expect it to be the best indie author site in the world, and day by day we’re inching closer. 

But that leads to a tremendous amount of overwhelm. As it stands Sterling & Stone promotes all five of our fiction lines, plus The Smarter Artist (our nonfiction line, and the one you probably care about most, home to Write. Publish. Repeat., Fiction Unboxed, and The Self-Publishing Podcast). 

We’re doing a lot of experimental things, and you’ll probably want to keep tabs on what those things are, but your time is too valuable to feel overwhelmed. 

So we’ve come up with the Sterling & Stone Digest will be sent to you once a week, delivering headlines and short summaries for that week’s content so that you can easily consume only what you care most about and safely ignore the rest

We have some amazing stuff coming right around the bend, and we’ll let you know about that whether you want to sign up for the digest or not. But we wanted to make it ABC easy if you do. 

You can sign up for the digest here. 

Be sure to sign up, using the above link, if you want a new digest every week. It can be a great way to stay up to date with everything we’re doing here at S&S!

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JP Howle (or Jacob, as his friends call him) helps Sterling & Stone with admin work and other behind-the-scenes stuff. He lives in Mexico and his favorite word is chalupa.

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