The Story Behind Santa EXPOSED

Santa EXPOSEDLast year I wrote a story for my daughter, Haley as a Christmas present: Santa Exposed: Only Read This if You Want to Know the Truth!

I wrote the story so that I could tell her the truth.

She was just at the age where she was starting to ask a lot of questions, chiefly, Is there a Santa?

So that’s why I wrote her this book. It was my answer. Because I don’t think that question deserves a simple yes or no answer. It’s bigger than that, better than that, and more deserving of something thoughtful and permanent.

I wrote a short but I think pretty cool book that answered the question in my way.

She opened it on Christmas morning and read it all in a day.

Now, a year later I’m reading it to Ethan each night to answer the same questions for him.

This was a ton of fun to write and share with my children. If you want to share it with yours (or just read the truth as I see it for yourself), you can pick up the book for free on Amazon right now!

The video below pretty much says the exact same thing. 🙂

P.S. I would really love reviews for this one. Thank you in advance!

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