ForNevermore Part 9

Miss any episodes? Go here. EPISODE TWO: CHAPTER THREE A week later… Monday morning, November 5 First day back to school Noella woke to another raging headache. She glanced at the clock. It blinked 12:00 a.m. three times before she finally registered the meaning. Oh no, I overslept! Noella sat up too quickly. Vertigo blurred her […]

ForNevermore Part 8

Miss any episodes? Go here. EPISODE TWO: CHAPTER TWO Sunday 10:14 a.m. Noella woke up feeling as if a hundred hammers were slamming her head. She closed her eyes, attempting to wade her way through a thick fog of dreams she couldn’t recall. She could feel the night’s memories at the far edge of her mind, […]

ForNevermore Part 6

Miss any episodes? Go here. ForNevermore: CHAPTER SIX The sheriff’s deputies questioned Noella for more than 30 minutes before Randy showed on the scene. When he arrived, Noella was exhausted, eyes tired, and she just wanted to go home and collapse. Randy stood by for about 10 minutes, arms folded across his chest, before stepping […]

ForNevermore Part 5

Miss any episodes? Go here. ForNevermore: CHAPTER FIVE  When Noella came out from the bathroom, the members of EnvyUs were all gone. Of course, Tony had done nothing to clear their area, so Noella started clearing the wrappers, throwing away their empty cups, and wiping her damp rag across the table. It looked as though […]

ForNevermore Part 4

Miss any episodes? Go here. ForNevermore: CHAPTER FOUR Friday, October 26 morning Day one of Noella’s blackout fell on her birthday, which meant waking up miserable, just as she’d spent every birthday since she knew what miserable meant. Each year seemed to be worse than the one before, though nothing could be worse than the first, […]

ForNevermore Part 3

Miss any episodes? Go here. ForNevermore: CHAPTER THREE Silence cloaked the inside of Randy’s cruiser as they drove home, nobody saying a word, yet saying much in glances out the window, to one another, and in the rearview mirror. Randy dropped the girls off in the driveway with barely a breath, then backed his cruiser […]

ForNevermore Part 2

Get all parts here. ForNevermore: CHAPTER TWO Yesterday morning… Thursday, October 25 Noella reluctantly woke to reality. She far preferred her dream world to this one. In her dreams, her dad was still alive, and she didn’t have to live with her Aunt Josie and Josie’s jerky boyfriend, Randy. At times, her dreams seemed solely […]

ForNevermore Part 1

All Noella ever wanted was a normal life. But normal died with her mother, minutes after she was born. And again when her father was murdered before her eyes on her seventh birthday. It was as though true love could never touch her. Now Noella lives with her aunt in Aurora Falls, a sleepy town […]