Tales From the Terrible Scary Volumes 1-4

Tales From the Terrible Scary
So Fast and Fun, You’ll Want to Read Them ALL!

Tales From the Terrible Scary stories aren’t terrible, and they aren’t really scary, but they are TONS of fun, and you WILL want to read them over (and over) again, while waiting for the next ones to come out. Tales From the Terrible Scary are stuffed with fun characters, memorable adventures, and stories that are so much fun to read, you’re time will feel like a ghost.

TTS 1_World War OMG copyTales From The Terrible Scary Volume 1 Comes With These Three Stories:

I Sold My Sister on eBay
Callum Parker just wants to enjoy finally having the house (mostly) to himself after his parents go on vacation. But after his grandma falls ill, and his friend Danny decides to sell his sister on eBay, Callum’s life might be ruined forever.

10 Tunnels of Terror
Lofty and Zach have been unlikely friends ever since they both got a job swabbing decks for the infamous pirate, Captain Curry. Now Captain Curry has gone after the biggest haul of pirate booty in history, hidden deep inside The 10 Tunnels of Terror. If Lofty and Zach can outsmart the puzzles inside the tunnels, and outlive the not-so-merry-band of scurvy pirates, they’ll have treasure beyond their wildest dreams. If not, they’ll spend their eternity in Davy Jones’ locker.

World War OMG!
Nick’s father, Professor Louis Bean might just be the world’s greater inventor. If he can ever manage to get things right. He might just be the next Thomas Edison, but after a series of failed inventions, from the Insect-Inside to the Fossilizer, to the Connect-a-Frame and Pickle Pickler, the professor might not be capable of making anything that works at all.

Nick desperately wants to see his father succeed, and after his invention of The Cravinator — a food supplement that allows people to eat whatever they want without ever gaining a pound — it looks like he finally has. But after The Cravinator goes bad and Professor Bean invents one disaster after another hoping to fix the problem, he accidentally puts the world in jeopardy.

With vampires, werewolves, and zombies, World War OMG! might be the worst thing that’s ever happened to humanity … or the last.

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TTS 2_Camp Terror copyTales From The Terrible Scary Volume 2 Comes With These Three Stories:

Learning to Fly From a Pilot Who Died
When a flight obsessed boy wanders through the woods by his house, following the call of a strange little bird, the last thing he expects to find is a ghost pilot from World War II. The only thing more shocking than this impossible discovery is where that pilot takes him.

No One Listened, and Now They’re All Dead
Forty years ago Gregory Chase disappeared in the basement of an abandoned house. Now, on the eve of that home being condemned, a group of unlikely friends decide to play a game of Hide-N-Seek. But the ghosts of yesterday don’t want the children to leave, or discover the truth of what actually happened once upon a horrible time.

Camp Terror: One Week of Screams
Davy has finally pushed his parent’s too far. After months of being obnoxious, they’re finally shipping him off to Camp Tuki — or “Camp Terror” as everyone calls it — a camp for “bad kids,” like Davy. He’s sent to learn responsibility and manners, but things at camp quickly go from bad to worse.

Children are disappearing and the adults are nowhere to be found. The counselors are the only people who can keep the children safe, but that seems to be the furthest thing from their minds. Now Davy and his new friends are forced to survive impossible obstacles, an evil, lurking darkness pursuing them, and reach the end of their long week of screams.

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TTS 3_Don't Read This (Unless You Want to Die!) copyTales From The Terrible Scary Volume 3 Comes With These Three Stories:

My Hamster Ate My Homework 
Rufus Jonas has a problem: his genius hamster, Hubert, is clearly out to get him. The more homework that Hubert eats, the smarter he gets, and the smarter he gets the more Rufus’s hamster realizes that he doesn’t need to take orders from anyone … especially a stupid human.

Vampire Chipmunks From Outer Space
Jimmy loves spending summers with his grandfather in Somerset, Kentucky. The farm is quiet, and Jimmy loves the old man’s extremely tall tales. But after Jimmy is careless with his trash, Grandpa tells him a chilling story about vampire rodents that might not be a tall tale at all, and maybe explains the impossible.

Do Not Read This (Unless You Want to Die!) 
Natasha and her twin brother, Patrick, don’t get along. They like each other well enough, but only because their parents make them. They just can’t seem to be friends like twins should be. But when a dangerous book begins circulating around their school, promising that anyone who reads it will die, all of Natasha and Patrick’s friends are affected.

Now the twins must work together, helping ancient fairies and ugly trolls to solve puzzles as the make their way to an old castle, where they must undo a curse and restore their world. The road is long and hard, and if Natasha and Patrick don’t make it before morning, everyone will die.

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TTS 4_Help! A Robot Has Ruined My Life!! copyTales From The Terrible Scary Volume 4 Comes With These Three Stories:

A Night With Dr. Chills (His Heart is Frozen)  
After winning a tour of a famed ice cream factory run by the mysterious Dr. Chills, one boy believes he’s the luckiest kid on Earth. But that’s before he finds out what Dr. Chills is actually making, and experiences the chilling horrors for himself.

It’s Midnight in the Morning
Merri stared at Peter, his face unconvinced. “Okay,” she whispered. “Imagine living without the nightmares.” And so begins the tale of two fairies from the Shar, a world just outside our own, as they hope to recreate a spell from the High Sorceress Scarai that will alter the moon’s speed, slay the monsters that have been haunting them, and keep it from being “midnight in the morning” forever.

Your House is Haunted, and Your Probably Going to Die
Natalie can’t stand moving, and hates her new school even more. But when a local haunted house is sold to her parents for pennies, her parents decide that that’s a deal they can’t refuse. Natalie finds that the only way to make friends at her new school is to tell stories about her house that everyone clearly wants to believe. Little does Natalie know that some of those stories are actually true.

HELP! A Robot Has Ruined My Life!!
Brian loves baseball more than anything in the world. He would play it every minute of every day forever if he could. One day, when a new factory in town is looking for families to host their hot off the assembly line robot servants, Brian finally gets his chance.

But after his robot starts doing everything for him, from chores to homework to thinking, Brian finds that he can’t do anything for himself. He tries to rid his house of the robot, along with the three new mechanical servants that he’s brought along with him. But unfortunately, none of the robots are willing to leave.

Now Brian and his family must work together to eliminate the AI threat that’s taken over their lives, before it claims the world.

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