Three Half-Ass Stories (Better Off Undead #137)

Three Half-Ass Stories Better Off Undead #137

The title for this weeks episode kind of explains all. Learn why Dave has to give up Diet Pepsi. Then Dave goes to a restaurant (yes, I recognize that these notes are taking on a Curious George tone) and we have a gentle finish of Dave versus faith.


  1. linda crawford says:

    i sure am glad i stumbled upon sean and daves new sit. after reading yesterdays gone at,the very start, had to change my email snd list all emails and free storis and goodies. But im.baaack yall know how to contact me ,i need to catch up!!

  2. Wanted to let you know that at the end of Annihalation the link to pre-order Judgement goes to a 404 page not found link.
    Keep up the good work.

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