In The Works: Collective Inkwell July 24, 2015

intheworks-vertical-medHey, Dave here with a new regular feature we’re calling In The Works. I want to keep you up to date on stuff we’re doing — a bit of the Behind the Scenes at Collective Inkwell.

One week after wrapping Yesterday’s Gone: Season Six, Sean and I went right back to work.

We’re returning to reader favorite WhiteSpace, and also writing a new series book which I mentioned several months ago as being In The Works. Both of which should be out this fall/winter (maybe even sooner!)

This new project will be a series, but unlike our serials, it will be a self-contained story with its own beginning and end. There will be some over-arcing storylines, like any good series, but each book will be a complete experience unto itself.

This project is inspired by one of our favorite books, Everyday by David Levithan, and the TV show Quantum Leap — minus the time travel aspect.

In other words it’s about someone who jumps from body to body for reasons unknown as yet.

At first we were a bit reluctant to write the story, as we didn’t want it to be too much like Everyday. However, there’s a lot more “body jumping” type books out there, enough that it could be its own genre, really. And I think once an idea becomes a genre (think vampires, werewolves, or zombies), it’s fair game to write something in that genre.

Our story is going in a very different direction than either of our influences, though, a distinctively Inkwellian direction, which we think you’re going to love.

Yes, there will be children in jeopardy!

If you’re wondering when the hell we’re going to get to the final season of Available Darkness, we’re planning that for early next year, as well as the next ForNevermore.

I can hear some readers already. “Hey, didn’t you say you were going to return to ForNevermore earlier this year?

Yes, we had planned to.

But when it comes to writing, there’s several factors which determine what we write next, chief among them, what we think will sell best. Because when a book sells, that allows us to write the next thing we’re going to write.

But when a book doesn’t do as well (like the first ForNevermore), well, it’s harder to find the time and expense to put into it — especially if it won’t do as well as something else.

So we have to try and write another book that might sell better to fund the books that don’t sell as well. Kind of like how big budget movies fund smaller ones for studios.

It’s not to say we know for certain when anything will sell. But the more we get to know our readers, the closer we can get to delivering the kinds of stories you love.

Part of it is also that we never want to write a story before we’re ready to return to the world. I thought we would be ready to return to WhiteSpace and ForNevermore earlier, but the truth is, I wanted a bit more time to plan the next books in both series.

I’d rather take longer to write the right book than rush just to get something into your hands.

The latter doesn’t serve you, or us, very well in the long run.

In short, we want to make sure EVERY book of ours that you read is as close to perfect as possible. So sometimes they will take longer than planned. But know that we’re always working to write the best stories possible.

And we promise — we’ll never leave you hanging as long as George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series!

We’re also going to move away from serials after we wrap up Available Darkness, andwrite more standalone and proper series books, so nobody ever has to wait so long for the resolution of a cliffhanger.

So that’s it for the first installment.

Which book of ours are you wanting to read most?

WhiteSpace: Season Three

Available Darkness: Season Three

ForNevermore: Book Two

Our Everyday meets Quantum Leap project?

Or our next standalone book (ala Crash, 12, Threshold)?

Leave a comment below or email me 

About David Wright

Dave is the co-founder of Collective Inkwell, in which he and Sean Platt re-invented serial fiction. Hailing from the quaint town of [REDACTED], Dave's renown for putting children in jeopardy (in his fiction, anyway) has made him world famous.


  1. I’m waiting most for Fornevermore and second for White Space 😀
    (And to be faster then G.R.R. Martin you still have another three years left.)

  2. Quantum leap

  3. So you ever going to finish Monstrous?

    • David Wright says:

      Eventually, yes. We’ve written before about WHY we have not returned to it. A lot of things going on there, many out of our control.

  4. Yay whitespace!! Yay children in jeopardy!

  5. WhiteSpace, no question about it!

    Others sound great too, but I’ve been waiting for WhiteSpace for so long… 🙂

  6. Dana Lane says:

    I think I need to keep a whiteboard JUST for S&S books. I am in the middle of a few different storylines, and I love it, but I keep forgetting which I’ve actually read so far! Looking forward to WhiteSpace for sure, though.Thank you guys for giving me so many different (un)realities to lose myself in!

    • David Wright says:

      Kind of how I felt in the 80s with Dean Koontz. The publishers didn’t help by reprinting his books with new covers, making me accidentally buy one or two I already read. Back then a lot of his plots WERE similar (though I still enjoyed them all), so it’s an easy mistake to make.

  7. I just finished Season Two of Whitespace yesterday. It’s my favorite CI title, so this made my day!

  8. Catherine Johnson says:

    I have been waiting way too long for “ForNevermore: Book Two”. I originally got hook with the first series of “Yesterday’s Gone”. Because I loved your and Sean’s writing, I read everything else you two had out at that time. I read “ForNevermore” and loved it. There must be other loyal fans out there that feel the same way as I do. 🙁

    • David Wright says:

      There are, but unfortunately, in the minority compared to our other books. That won’t stop us from writing the second one, though. Maybe the second one will push the first one to new popularity? We also paid to get a new cover on the first one, as well as covers for two more in the series! So we ARE invested.

  9. Sky King says:

    “Whitespace” is the one for me! Can’t wait to see where it goes…
    “In the Works” sounds intriguing. Will definitely check that one out as well.
    Keep ’em coming, y’all!

  10. Ohhh what a great idea…I love knowing what is going on! YAY Dave!!!

  11. ForNevermore: Book Two!
    And you took the words right out of my mouth – because I was ready to ask that already, until I read the part where you addressed it 😉

  12. The new series sounds great. Looking forward to it!

  13. PT Hylton says:

    I’m really looking forward to WhiteSpace. I also love body hoping stories. Check out John L. Monk’s book Kick (and it’s sequel) for a great take on the concept. Looking forward to seeing what Dave and Sean do with it that idea.

    • David Wright says:

      I’ve actually been talking with John when someone told me he’d written a book with similar themes. I was going to mention his series in our next post about the book. I haven’t read it yet, and not sure I will prior to writing ours, as I don’t want it to influence us. But John is a helluva nice guy.

  14. I actually have a story about someone hopping around different bodies in the writing queue at the moment, too! Look forward to seeing the CI take on the genre.

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